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On a mission to onboard millions of people to blockchain.

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Together with our partners, we are solving real world’s problems – tokenization of real assets, which means creating true investment opportunities, built with the use of our tech.

As a community-drive chain, we strive to create equal opportunities by creating necessary tools to tokenize wealth, making it accessible to millions of people.

If you believe in making our industry safer, more secure, stable and easy to use for all, join us!

Why should you join?


Built with end customers in mind.

Existing applications, built on top of the eCredits Blockchain benefit from the chain’s ease-of-use, security, and the existing retail user base.

With more than 200,000 active retail wallets, applications, built on the eCredits Blockchain benefit from the immediate access to retail users, whether for testing, fundraising or general community building activities.


An all-encompassing support to launch you first dApp.

If you are looking to build a sustainable solution on top of an EVM chain, while looking for a strong partner, then you came to the right place.

By joining our ecosystem to develop your first solution, benefit from low transaction costs, improved security, and strong development support: extensive documentation, libraries, tools and always-on devrel.


Tokenizing real world assets.

We believe in unlocking true potential of tokenized equity by creating necessary tools for our partners. 

Adding liquidity to the otherwise illiquid assets, like real estate, while providing investment opportunities to the retail investors in a safe, secure and compliant manner is something we can get behind.


Leveling the playing field with blockchain technology.

It is our core conviction that self-custody of assets is the ultimate right of each and every individual.  With the use of eCredits Blockchain, our ecosystem is addressing pain points of real people in real life.  
By supporting solutions, built on our chain, we are contributing to the creation of relevant socio-economic impact, today and tomorrow.

Ready for your next tokenization project?

The eCredits Layer 1 blockchain is built with tokenization in mind. For instance, one of our partner companies, Equito is utilizing our blockchain to tokenize and streamline retail investments into private companies, real-estate, stocks, ETFs and more.

Tokenization can be done by everyone and is supported e.g. by our technical partner Cryptix.

Whether you would like to build out a dedicated solution for tokenization or utilize the existing infrastructure, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

As an added benefit, our ecosystem comes with several hundred thousand users, with whom you can test your solution or even captivate then as your future clients.

Use cases

Portfolio managment

Efficiently track, analyze, and trade digital assets on a secure and transparent platform.


Enable fast, secure, and cost-effective peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries.


Establish self-sovereign digital identities with enhanced privacy and security.

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Tokenize and authenticate unique digital assets for art, music, and virtual goods.


Decentralized gaming experiences with secure asset ownership and innovative gameplay.


Decentralized platforms for user autonomy, content ownership and censorship-resistant


Transparent content distribution and fair monetization through blockchain technology.


Access decentralized financial services, from lending to automated market making.


Create, trade, and showcase digital collectibles like trading cards, virtual pets, and virtual real estate.


Participate in decentralized decision-making through voting and transparent governance processes.

Interested in building with us?

Get in touch with us to start your journey with eCredits.

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You are in good company


What is eCredits Blockchain in simple terms?

We are an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer 1 blockchain, similar to Ethereum itself. This means
we use same tooling, libraries, and smart contract logic.

Why was eCredits Blockchain created?

eCredits Blockchain is a European project, which means it is our aspiration to create a familiar, safe and
secure environment for both developers and users in Europe. Our core principle is to address real pain
points for real people. eCredits’ existing partners have been building real-life use cases, predominantly
focusing on tokenization of real-life assets.

What’s unique about the eCredits chain?

We are safe, secure and compliant. Best part: we come with hundreds of thousands of users, with whom
you can test your solution or even captivate then as your future clients.

Who are your partners?

We collaborate with companies such as Cryptix, The People’s SCE, Equito, Blocktrade, Rocksolid Estate,
Nethermind, Bittrex Global, EXMO and others.

How can I start building my first application on the eCredits chain?

The first step would be to check out our docs section here:  docs.ecredits.com

What support is there for developers?

We support our developers with extensive documentation, cross-promotional activities and grants. For
more information, get in touch with us.

On which exchanges is eCredits (ECS) listed?

eCredits is listed with and available on leading crypto exchanges including Blocktrade, Bittrex Global and
EXMO. More exchanges will be added in the future.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for awesome talent, both on technical and business side of things. For more information, check out ecredits.com/careers

Where can I learn more about the eCredits Blockchain?

Learn more about our chain here:

Learn about $ECS

Contact Us

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